Who we are
Our client is a community of people who share an interest in solving problems through participating in challenges and competitions which require a combination of human ingenuity and technological expertise.

We are on a mission to transform the way we solve the world’s most complex problems. We view problem solving as a competitive team sport and, like members of a sports team, we enjoy participating in competitions and challenges where we can put our abilities to the test.

We provide our members with everything they need to succeed in their competitive career: coaching from other more experienced club members and industry experts, technical resources, and networking opportunities with other innovators and companies.

We launched our Artificial Intelligence Section in April 2021, and have since then reached +60 members who have formed teams to participate in over ten different Data Science competitions.

Our next step is to launch our Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Robotics section before December 31st 2021, and reach 100 members.


What we’re looking for
We are looking for an entrepreneurial minded individual who can lead the Artificial Intelligence Section of the Solvers Club. The ideal candidate should have the following qualities:

  • Significant experience working as a Data Scientist, so as to be able to provide guidance to the different teams in the competitions they participate in.
  • Working knowledge of the different platforms which organize competitions and challenges (i.e. Kaggle)
  • The ability to build and engage a competitive community from a global pool of talent, using social media and other online platforms.



  • Define a competition strategy for the AI Section: what platforms and technologies to focus on.
  • Select and coach team Captains, who will act as leaders and mentors to the rest of the community.
  • Design the member acquisition strategy: what talent pools to tap on to build our community.
  • Develop a member value proposition for the Section: what do our members care about and how can we provide it to them?
  • Act as a thought leader for the members of the Section through active engagement and content production on the different communication platforms where we are present.

What we offer

  • This is a position at a very very early stage startup, almost a co-founder role.
  • We don’t really care where you work from.
  • It is a contract position and not necessarily full time (100% compatible with other gigs).
  • Compensation will be based on a combination of salary (if you insist) + a significant package of equity/tokens to be agreed upon.
Sector del empleo:
Requisitos · Experiencia mínima:
Sin experiencia
Requisitos · Idiomas:
  • Inglés
  • Requisitos · Habilidades:
  • Comunicación
  • Creatividad
  • Emprendedurismo
  • Inteligencia emocional
  • Requisitos · Lenguajes de programación:
  • Python
  • Requisitos · Entornos:
  • AWS
  • TensorFlow